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Member since March 1, 2015
SpLiT_77's Run Times:
Halo 2 MCC on Easy1140 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:40:59YouTube393
Cairo Station - MCC4:54-60
Outskirts - MCC4:23-68
Metropolis - MCC4:27-49
The Arbiter - MCC3:55-59
Oracle - MCC12:36-52
Delta Halo - MCC4:20-14
Regret - MCC10:23-61
Sacred Icon - MCC7:37-66
Quarantine Zone - MCC8:10-68
Gravemind - MCC10:32-47
Uprising - MCC2:06-58
High Charity - MCC4:17-76
The Great Journey - MCC6:48-69
Halo 3 on Easy71 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game---
Sierra 1177:36-18
Crows Nest9:54-28
Tsavo Highway6:18-8
The Storm10:18-7
The Ark---
The Covenant---

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