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    Here is the google docs to help formatting. This is the link for the google doc and porper formatting.

    - #announcements/change-log - Main events, site changes.
    - #useful-links - can help with the underused wiki on having helpful informational links towards HaloRuns in general. It can help having all the useful links for Halo:CE and Halo 2 of xlink kai. Could be links redirecting to major overlooked links in the HaloRuns website. Such as co-op, forums, wiki, and the rules for each halo games. Maybe other ideas.
    - #news-log/bullitin(without memes) - Current events can be hard to keep up with in the HaloRuns community, but with this implemented, it can give us updates on news, discord changes, and past topics that had greatly affected the community. Current events, I wish for users to be informed at all times about what is going on, and what is “Hot topic” recently being discussed and what is potentially or being changed.(Because there has been topics brought up but then lost forever in text and then brought up again.) I know announcements ties in but I wanted a more current events thing. (Which I thought the bulletin was for, but I guess its not?)

    For example: it could give us info about banned users, and this would clearly state out in public about the reasons for this user got banned in a bit of detail. Instead of everyone asking “Why did they get banned?”
    Example: maybe not everyone knows about the rule changes about times being grandfathered in.
    #streams - Help runners get some exposure, expose the wider Halo community to more Halo speedrunners. Will help the speedrunning community thrive. Year of Halo 2k19? Community has been dying for several years, could spark new life like when MCC was released. Idea to have a Streaming role at the top of the viewer list where anyone streaming Halo without [nosrl], [nohr], etc… in title get into role. Lose role when they stop streaming. Saves having an extra channel and looks cleaner. Backflip knows how to implement most of it? Idea was brought up earlier this year. There is a bot that can do the similar thing that the website is doing which is when a halorunner starts streaming, their stream link will pop up in that channel, and then when they are not streaming, their streams gets taken off.)
    Context image:

    #group disscussion- I wish for this chat to be visible to everyone. This is a text channel where reps will be talking about decision making, or whatever. Since I hear rumours about the mods talking about stuff, and no one ever puts in any input for days, weeks, etc.. Maybe its because of lack of availability the mods have. I just dislike how things are kept under wraps in the mods server. I want to keep updated on my ideas I bring up, and whenever I messaged a mod, it was like oh ok, “I’ll bring it up with the other mods again.”

    Roles and Their Guidelines

    Admin- Enforcing rules, the people that make the changes happen.
    Game reps- They’re team leaders, the go to person for each Halo game with having knowledge to their respected Halo game that they dedicate themselves to. Decision makers about major changes, having the voiced opinions of their groups summarized, and appointed to on the surface of discussion. Also, could be verifiers of runs. Frequently active within community. In my mind, I was thinking 1 person, MAYBE 2 , because as i said, The game rep COLLECTS the opinions of their group (However many runners for their game) and presents it in a matter. This is a role of voicing for the community members. I would understand as a back-up we could get 2 people, but I don’t want it to be cluttered with 21 game reps. 2-3 people probably
    Mods- They are the enforcers of rules, maintenance of community, making sure everyone follows the rules. Also, could be verifiers of runs. Frequently active within community.
    A yearly assessment of community mods and admins on the accomplishments of the server and community in general
    Eventual changes / additions in the future / later plans

    HR Twitch/Youtube
    Really underused, I wish for them to be used as a highlights of halo speedrunners, or like the rigged moments of runs, or when funny moments happen during runs. Maybe include interviews with runners in like how they started, talk shows, show a bit of background. Keep records of events as well for like the relay and major races going on.
    This would also be the person in charge of social media. Could be a group of people, 1-3.

    ***This is not absolute, this is just bringing idea to help community. You can see it as that, or a step back. Edits to this can be made.

  • avatar United States WoLfy January 01 2019 at 8:36 AM EST Posts: 9 2
    Making discord available on the front page near the top left, or as a little widget like the wiki has.
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