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    HaloRuns Cooperative Leaderboard Rules

    Timing Rules
    Co-operative runs for each game follow the same rules as for solo runs exempt the following:

    For Halo 4 runs done on The Master Chief Collection release (MCC)
    • Halo 4 ILs are timed using the in-game timer (MCC)
    • Halo 4 Full Game is timed as the sum of all in-game timers for each mission (MCC)

    For Halo 4 runs done on the original Xbox 360 release (OG)
    • Halo 4 ILs are timed as RTA-X
    • Halo 4 Full Game is timed as the sum of individual IL times


    General Rules
    Co-operative runs follow the same general rules as for solo runs. Plus additional rules outlined below.

    As a reminder: Just as in solo runs, skulls are not allowed to be activated from the menu. Skulls are only allowed to be used if they are collected and become active during the run.

    Towel Runs
    Runs completed using only a single runner but with multiple controllers and multiple accounts signed-in at once (colloquially termed “towel runs”) undermine the spirit of co-operative play and as such are not allowed.

    Party Size
    Player count may only remain constant or decrease over the course of the run and no runners may be added to the party, regardless of whether or not they were present in the lobby earlier in the run. Runs must finish with a minimum player count of 2.

    Video Proof
    Only one player's POV is required for video proof of a coop run. First player POV is recommended but not required. Runners are also welcome to create splitscreen edits of all the player's POV together into one video if they so desire.

    Halo Combat Evolved
    • Runs may be completed on any version of Halo CE (Xbox, Xbox 360, MCC).

    • Runs are timed as RTA-loads.

    Halo 2 Anniversary
    • Due to the nature of Halo 2 MCC Co-Op, it may be necessary to watch full cut-scenes or wait on the post game carnage report. (This is due to differing load times between players, causing desynchronization between the two players and disconnecting the lobby. Examples:

    • Co-op partner disconnect
      Example 2
      These situations also count as loads and should be subtracted from the final RTA time.

      To summarize: Timing for each level begins when the first cut scene has finished, and stops when the last cut scene begins. All these level times are then added together to get the final time.

    Halo 3
    • Abusing restart mission and pickup weapon to start a level with weapons or buttons activated from later on in the level is not allowed for individual levels.
    • Sometimes lag can be a huge problem in Halo Co-Op. If the connection becomes unbearable during play, you are allowed to quit out once the current level has ended and then start the session again (For example if you finish floodgate, you can exit at the start of ark, then start ark again to continue. The time from the quit out MUST be added on to the total time for each time it occurs).

    Halo 4
    • Runners may not restart during a mid-level load to abuse the freeze-ingame-time exploit for ILs. If this occurs by accident, runners must save and quit in order to restart the level.

    Halo 5
    • Join in progress is not allowed.
    • If the Osiris glitch is encountered where the level restarts instead of continuing on to Blue Team, runners may end the game, leave together, and load up Blue Team to continue the run. Runners may exit as soon as the carnage report fails to load after Osiris, which is the first indicator this glitch has been encountered.
    • If the game returns the players to the character select screen at the beginning of a mission the following conditions will apply.
      • For ILs the player must restart the mission and the current run is invalid.

      • For fullgame the players must leave or restart the mission. If the leave option is used the mission must be started from the beginning and using the resume function is not allowed. Any time from the beginning of the mission to restarting the mission does not count when the bug occurred. The players are not allowed to try, experiment or otherwise get practice during the bug.
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    yay coop! congrats to mods/admins/community
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