Strawpoll Regarding ruling on FOV change for Halo Combat Evolved Posted by: Paradoxxic on 12/9/18 3:56PM EST Return to the Message Index Reply
  • avatar Canada Paradoxxic Moderator December 09 2018 at 3:56 PM EST Posts: 158 1

    Please take some time to vote on this if you are a Halo CE runner.
  • avatar Canada Paradoxxic Moderator December 11 2018 at 12:19 PM EST Posts: 158 2
    Here are the results of the strawpoll. It seems runners are in favour of changing the rules to officially allow Widescreen fixer. There was some issue taken with the way the question was worded by those that believe any and all FOV changer should be allowed. I would like to hear arguments both for and against allowing any FOV changer. My understanding is that some FOV changers allow devmode to be enabled which allows runners to do things like set gamespeed to 1.01 or some other unnoticeable change and thus cheat. That was the reason the question was worded the way it was. If you would like to input on this matter, please discuss below.

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