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    Hey sknydgs3, welcome to HaloRuns and thanks for tuning into the relay! I watched probably 80% of the relay this year and I also think that the format of future relays could use some work. And while, I think you brought up a lot of good ideas to consider for next year, your title seems a bit crass and could come across a bit like you were attacking certain individuals involved in the relay.

    While I don’t think you were specifically attacking Dustin (the person who was running the relay stream on HaloRaces), it could come across that way, so just for the record, I have watched all of the prior years’ relays, this was one of the most well administrated/streamed relays of all of the past HaloRuns relays. The transitions between runners was much better than it’s been in the past, the runners’ names were updated expediently, the times were updated as soon as the runners themselves submitted them, and (in my opinion) the relay was fun to watch. That’s not to say that the relay wasn’t without issues, but that had nothing to do with the way that the relay was streamed by Dustin. I think Dustin did a mighty fine job.

    All that being said, I really, really like most of your ideas for next year’s relay and hope some good discussion is had on why we should or should not adopt a new format for next year’s relay. Not too sure about the eye makeup or shaved head, but I like the rest. :)


    Edit: 1/8/2019
    Looks like sknydgs3 deleted his feedback for some reason. It really was good feedback. I saved it here: https://imgur.com/a/CNJJPfl
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