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    Hey everyone! I'm getting the ball rolling on the relay race for this year. I'd like for it to happen around the same time, in early November. A firm date will be polled for in the near future, for now, we just need to get people to sign up! I've created a google doc sign up here.

    For those new to the community, every year in the fall we at Haloruns have hosted a cross-game relay race. It has been the birthing ground for some of the most intense rivalries and most enduring friendships. One year all the ODST runners just decided they were going to walk all of coastal highway, another year Blue team straight up cheated. This year is your chance to leave your mark on Halo speedrunning history! The event runs all day and we'll have people popping in and out of voice comms to commentate the run over the course of the day. Last year halo 3 was run as a co-op venture, which allowed people to see some of the co-op mechanic abuses from multiple player points of view for the first time.

    The rules for this sacred ritual are etched into page 3 of the google doc. Laid down by the one and only Royal Hobo. To note your interest in running for this event, put your HR name, the best game you run, your best time, and other games you are open to running in the "I want to run in the Relay" tab.

    I think this year anyone caught cheating should have to run Halo 2600.

    - Para
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