H2A Infinite Camo Glitch? MCC Gravemind prison skip? Posted by: xTOPxNOSCx360x on 1/5/18 6:05PM EST Return to the Message Index Reply
  • avatar United States xTOPxNOSCx360x January 05 2018 at 6:05 PM EST Posts: 2 1
    There must be a way to do the infinite camo glitch on Halo 2 MCC. Does anybody have a link to a video of how to do it or does anyone know how? Also does anyone know if the prison skip on Gravemind works in H2A? I have been unsuccessful at every attempt on MCC.
  • avatar Netherlands DarkR41d3r January 05 2018 at 8:33 PM EST Posts: 33 2
    To my knowledge both are impossible on MCC. The issue with the skull one is that MCC doesn't enable skulls when picked up so using it would be forbidden in a speedrun. Even if it would be allowed and save and quit in a checkpoint with camo on. You would just be put back in the game with the skull on, so you still wouldn't be infinite camo. For the prison skip the MCC physics screw it up I believe. I have never tried it personally but I've been told it wasn't possible. But you can still try if you want :).
  • avatar United States xTOPxNOSCx360x January 06 2018 at 2:07 AM EST Posts: 2 3
    Man thanks for the reply, that is exactly what I thought as well about the camo and the skip. I have done the set ups perfectly many times with no success it really sucks! I can't beat Gravemind Legendary in any less than 54 min so far but I need to do it around 40 min at the very most to get the Monopolized achievement. Besides the fact that the level is already hard as hell I also have the absolute worst luck with RNG on this level and I cannot catch a damn break. I wish there were more glitches on this level for skipping because it frustrates me way more than it should which keeps me from practicing. If there is anyone that reads this and has serious pro tips I would appreciate it more than words can express, this level is actually bad for my health because of how stressful it is.
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  • avatar Netherlands DarkR41d3r January 06 2018 at 12:18 PM EST Posts: 33 4
    I believe NadeshotsCats has a tutorial for gravemind in MCC, you can message him in discord about it. His name is also NadeshotsCats in discord. Or you can just ask about it in the haloruns discord about it and somebody will surely help you. There's a sticky post in the forums with an invite if you haven't joined the haloruns discord yet.
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