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  • avatar Cluvgaming September 05 2017 at 1:02 AM EST Posts: 1 1
    I have tried to find the answer but I am would like to hear from the veterans. Can you go through and rank the easiest to hardest speed running levels to speed run in Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and Halo 4 (I'm going for MCC speed run achiements as well). The reason why I ask is because I just did my first speed run. 16:04 Reclaimer legendary! I heard Halo 4 was the easiest one to speed run and that was the easiest level on it. I think for people just starting out, building up confidence by doing some easy levels across all halos could make more stick with it and continue speed running. I think their is a total of 68 levels within those 5 games. Anybody care to rank them from easiest to hardest?

    P.S. I figured this would spark some interesting debate if you disagree with another vets ranking. As a new guy, I figured this information would be useful to other newbies as well.
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  • avatar Canada Paradoxxic Verifier September 05 2017 at 11:22 AM EST Posts: 123 2
    I'll let the H1 and H2 runners vouch for those games, but for H3, the levels ranked from easiest to hardest (on legendary) would be:

    1) Floodgate - Level is entirely movement based.
    2) Halo - Movement is simple and the tower fight is semi on a timer. With glitches like the infinite laser the combat is very simple and the second half of the level is driving.
    3) Cortana - Again, mainly movement. Sometimes the jump-back-up-the-hole strat can cause issues. Reactor room launch could be considered hardish.
    4) Tsavo Highway - Just driving and RNG. Liftless Bridge is a properly difficult trick.
    5) Crow's Nest - Good combat is emphasized here, but the combat is not difficult to optimize. The Hardest section is the jetpack fight. No hard tricks. (yet)
    6) Sierra 117 - begins with a walking simulator, ends with a proper hard enemy clear. On legendary you will die in multiple places throughout the level. Jackal Carbines.
    7) The Storm - This level is short, but VERY action packed. There is little to no downtime. Scarab skip relies on a DC enemy drop. Your teammates kill you often. If you make it to the end of the level, you have to deal with carbine brutes, a cheiftan, packs of grunts and jackals, AND hunters.
    8) The Covenant - The level begins with a beach clear, and there are SO many vehicles. Some checkpoints are extremely far away from where you usually die. The citadel at the end of the level is movement based, which is strange given how much combat you've had to do up to that point. Its very easy to kill yourself.
    9) The Ark - There are just so many enemies everywhere. Dawn clear is a very difficult fight. You get a breather while doing the tank section, but then have to contend with scarab board, which many find difficult. Inside the spire is pretty RNG. Expect to die a couple times inside.

    People may disagree about the middle levels, but there is a general consensus that Floodgate is the easiest level and Ark is the hardest level. Keep in mind that on MCC all the levels are harder than on the original game (OG) for the xbox 360, as enemies are more aggressive and react more quickly. Certain loads are easier to hit quickly on OG as well.

    Keep in mind this is a ranking for how easy it is to beat the levels somewhat quickly, and NOT a ranking of which levels are easiest to WR. For example, the Spire fight on Halo is INCREDIBLY complex if you're going for WR (You need to think about where you are looking at what time, what trigger volumes you are in at what time, how much you're moving, your rocket count, boss spawns, etc) but if you just want to go somewhat fast its fairly simple and straightforward.
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  • avatar United States Hockeyfan Verifier September 05 2017 at 1:11 PM EST Posts: 65 3
    My personal opinion for Halo 2, and probably most people's opinions, are that it differs on Legendary and Easy. I'm going to be assuming full game strategies for most or all of these levels. Not WR or IL attempts.

    On Easy, from easiest to hardest, in my opinion:

    1)Outskirts - Walk in a straight line, drive in a straight line.
    2) Quarantine Zone - All driving, but there's some more difficult driving compared to Outskirts and also a sword trick at the end.
    3) Uprising - Has sword tricks if you want to go really fast, but you can walk it and get a decent time, probably.
    4) Sacred Icon - Walk in straight lines then kill things. The end fight is dumb but it's not hard, it's just random and annoying.
    5) Oracle - I'd probably put this as easier than SI if it wasn't so long. There's just a lot to remember about Oracle and even though a lot is waiting, it's still a 12 minute level.
    6) Great Journey - Driving is as difficult as QZ, so not too bad but you have have a wraith section and also Tartarus fight.
    7) Metropolis - New runners' least favorite level because of scarab deload. That being said, once you figure out why you're getting scarab deload and once you just get better in general at the game the scarab deload stops being an issue.
    8) High Charity - Lots of somewhat difficult sword tricks, and some that you have to hit or else you're losing decent time, lots of randomness to deal with so you need to be able to adapt well.
    9) Delta Halo - Somewhat tough ghost launch trick that saves a bunch of time compared to the bridge, also the driving isn't all that easy, especially when you get out of the map. Doing the end fast is difficult as well.
    10) Regret - Tough fly at the start if you want to go fast. Lots of sword flies and just in general an annoying level, especially because of length.
    11) Arbiter - The hangar fight is really hard to do quickly, surprisingly hard actually. Also, has a lot of sword tricks on it that speed it up significantly.
    12) Cairo - Lots of combat means it's usually tough for new runners to optimize.
    13) Gravemind - Hardest level in the game to do fast. Hardest level in the game in general.

    Everything in the middle is debatable. I'd say you could rearrange anything from 6-9 and I wouldn't mind.

    For legendary it changes a bit but not much:

    1) Outskirts - Nothing really changes except your driving path. It's still the easiest level.
    2) Quarantine Zone - Still basically the same level everything just hits harder.
    3) Uprising - It's not super easy, nothing on legendary is, but again it's such a short level that it's easy to learn and run.
    4) Gravemind with infinite camo - You might be wondering how this isn't the easiest, but even with being invisible theres still a lot of tricks you have to do to do it fast.
    5) Metropolis - Compared to other levels, this one doesn't really change much. The wraith section can be dumb but usually you're okay if you play it correctly. As long as your driving is good this level isn't too bad. And you need to get early scarab board.
    6) Oracle - The level doesn't change a ton, just the enemies doing more damage and the boss fight at the end. The boss fight is the easiest part though, really. Once you learn it.
    7) Delta Halo - The wraith doesn't spawn so the nade jump is easier. You have to pick up envy which changes the route. There's some weird driving and also some sword tricks you have to hit to have a good level.
    8) Great Journey - As long as you're using appropriate legendary strats, Great Journey isn't too bad. The driving sucks, but you can do sword flies instead. Whichever you prefer. There's some combat but it's not too bad. Cloning Johnson helps a ton for the end.
    9) Sacred Icon - The first half of the level doesn't change too much. The fight at the end becomes much more difficult though. There's 6 more waves compared to easy, and obviously they all do more damage. Definitely one of the more difficult levels on Legendary. Not hard enough to take down the top couple though.
    10) High Charity - Dumb level on legendary. Enemies hurt, a lot. You have a lot of combat that you need to do well, you have sword tricks that you need to do well, you have the typical High Charity randomness to adapt to as well, and a couple jackal snipers thrown in for fun.
    11) Arbiter - Hallways suck on legendary. Hangar is hard to do fast on legendary. Everything about this level tests your game knowledge and sword trick ability.
    12) Regret - Regret fight is hard. The start is hard. But really the middle of the level isn't terrible. Camo hallway can suck. Regret fight really carries this to one of the top spots though. Very few checkpoints, lots of strong elites and you still have to try and beat him fast.
    13) Cairo - Probably the hardest level in the full game run, if you're doing infinite camo. The hangars are insanely difficult in general, then when you try to do them fast they just get harder. It has some of the more difficult sword tricks in the game (The cancel after hangar 2, the fly at the end, etc.) and it's just a hard level.
    14) Gravemind without camo - In a different league of its own. Take everything I said about Cairo, make it double the length as a level, add prison skip to the middle of it and make it 3 times harder. That's regular Gravemind. By far the hardest level. Not even close.

    You could again probably switch around 6-8 on legendary without too much debate.

    That's just my thoughts on Halo 2. This doesn't count for MCC, things are way too different.

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  • avatar United States RedMage08 September 06 2017 at 1:16 PM EST Posts: 59 4
    For Halo:CE it's also a little different between easy and legendary:

    Easiest to Hardest(Easy):

    1. Pillar of Autumn - tutorial, then walking
    2. The Library - Even with floodbumps it's just walking and waiting
    3. The Maw - Unless you're doing advanced strats, there's just one grenade jump and some walking and driving
    4. 343 Guilty Spark - Not true if you count the new reveal skip, but if you're new you wouldn't do that, so Camo Jump is the hardest strat, and really not that bad
    5. Silent Cartographer - Once you get the warthog fling down, it's just walking on a beach to the trick then walking invisible for a while
    6. AotCR - Bridge Fall is pretty hard, but again once you get that down it's 5 minutes of chill walking
    7. Halo - No one hard trick like the last two, but a decent amount of combat to optimize, as well as some flings
    8. Keyes - Keyes bump is the hardest necessary trick you'll have to do, and you can easily waste minutes on it, but other than that not much on the level
    9. TnR - Loads of combat, a hard trick, and semi-confusing hallways make TnR hard to go fast on as you first learn it
    10. Two Betrayals - Rocket Flood

    1. Maw - Walking + driving, harder reactor room, but easy rocket jump to make it better
    2. 343GS - Can die in the early rooms, but it's really more walking and a precise grenade jump at the end
    3. Library - some rough combat segments, and a harder shotty grab, but not too bad
    4. Silent Cartographer - Fling = profit
    5. AotCR - Banshee grab I actually find easier than bridge fall, though a little precise, once you get it down it's ez
    6. Keyes - Shield bump is still hard
    7. PoA - Lots of avoiding death with precise nades that hopefully drop. Hard to get a near good time when starting off
    8. Halo - The ships are harder, the ending's harder, and you canNOT aggro marines
    9. TnR - way more waves, and they're harder to deal with
    10. Two Betrayals
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