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  • avatar TheSuperWaffle November 21 2016 at 4:34 PM EST Posts: 19 1
    Hey guys Waffle here! Excited to show you guys another cool cutscene room on the Halo 3 level Crows Nest. The first problem with this cutscene room was locating it. Usually for most cutscene rooms, if we wanted to know where it is we would turn on pancam during the cutscene and look at the coordinates. However, since the camera is never technically in the room and is just pointing at the TV screen, we never got a real read on where the room actually is in the level. Once we found where and when the room is loaded, the trick was on the cusp of being completed.

    What makes this trick possible is the pelican not deloading with the hanger area, the hanger area's elastic barrier deloading when we deload the Hanger BSP, and the existence of the deployable cover on the map. All these things were able to be combined to get into both of Truth's cutscene rooms.

    There is a reason that we do the DC clip from outside rather than doing it inside the drone cave. DC clipping is a whole lot easier and faster when trying to go horizontally into a room. We needed enough pressure and speed to go through both the initial mountain, and the wall of the cutscene room. If we were to do the clip from above the rooms instead ,we would have to go through the floor of the drone cave and the ceiling of the cutscene room to get in. That wouldn't be possible with the knowledge known now because of the lack of speed you get from a vertical DC clip compared to a horizontal DC clip.

    I hope y'all enjoy! We had a bunch of fun doing it and not so much fun filming it. Please 343 add saving films and file share transfer for Halo 3 MCC!!! We have a whole bunch of videos up our sleeves in the near future, so stay tuned!

  • avatar United States bkpaguy November 21 2016 at 10:29 PM EST Posts: 68 2
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