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    Hi everyone, I've come to the site in hopes I can find a friendly speedeunner of Halo CEA on TMCC, reason being I'm after the achievement Goat Roped, it's the last speedrun achievement I need and I'm currently sitting at 581/600 achievements unlocked. Goat Roped is the last hard one I have and the rest are par scores which I've been saving and a few mp achievements. I've already been working on Goat Roped and ill include my current times below. The achievement requires a legendary play through in under 3 hours. It doesn't have to be in one go, it's simply all your best times added together.

    Pillar of Autumn: 7:55
    Halo: 16:30
    Silent Cartographer: 5:48
    Assault on The Control Room: 10:15
    Keyes: 7:32

    So that just leaves
    Truth and Reconciliation
    Two Betrayals
    343 Guilty Spark
    The Library
    The Maw

    My gamer tag is "YoDz"

    If anyone can be kind enough to help me with those last levels i would greatly appreciate it. I'm online most night 7-11pm PST. I have a working mic and can follow any instructions necessary. Please message me on Xbox for a quick reply. I have Xbox SmartGlass so I get messages on my phone. Thanks for your time.
    -John aka YoDz
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