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  • avatar Halodude September 07 2016 at 3:45 AM EST Posts: 15 1
    Sometime late October / early November Flipper and myself want to put together a relay race of Halo: CE - Halo 5 to have a good ol' time along with a friendly competition.

    This will be an Easy difficulty relay race and may be a hybrid between solo and co-op runs if enough people are interested in that. The plan is to have 2-3 teams (three teams would be hype af)

    This post will likely be updated with new information about the event, but, also check the HaloRuns Discord #General Channel as well.

    Let's party like it's 2014 again.

    Backflip Edit: teams can now be found on tiny.cc/HaloRelay3, confirmed start date is October 29 at 9 AM Pacific

    Event will be streamed on twitch.tv/HaloRaces
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  • avatar United States bkpaguy September 20 2016 at 7:41 AM EST Posts: 68 2
    What are the ridiculous hashtags for this again?
    I've seen #GreenTeamMemeTeam... lol
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