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xsi3rr4x's Run Times:
Halo CE on Easy430 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:45:28-203
The Pillar of Autumn7:23-29
The Truth and Reconciliation12:12-9
The Silent Cartographer5:41-12
Assault on the Control Room6:33-43
343 Guilty Spark7:24-11
The Library14:41-24
Two Betrayals15:13-17
The Maw10:51-17
Halo CE on Legendary351 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:57:12Twitch182
The Pillar of Autumn5:56-21
The Truth and Reconciliation17:22-8
The Silent Cartographer5:52-11
Assault on the Control Room6:35-25
343 Guilty Spark6:53-16
The Library16:48-20
Two Betrayals21:12-11
The Maw11:49-16
Halo 2 on Legendary65 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game3:29:00-65
Cairo Station---
The Arbiter---
The Oracle---
Delta Halo---
Sacred Icon---
Quarantine Zone---
High Charity---
The Great Journey---
Halo 2 MCC on Legendary358 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game3:27:53-107
Cairo Station - MCC9:36-16
Outskirts - MCC5:05-40
Metropolis - MCC6:30-16
The Arbiter - MCC5:14-22
Oracle - MCC18:08-20
Delta Halo - MCC5:32-9
Regret - MCC25:23-5
Sacred Icon - MCC12:45-19
Quarantine Zone - MCC9:19-39
Gravemind - MCC31:22-6
Uprising - MCC2:47-20
High Charity - MCC5:42-26
The Great Journey - MCC12:53-13

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