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skilledgames_'s Run Times:
Halo 3 on Easy873 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:17:23Twitch487
Sierra 1175:43-52
Crows Nest8:43-55
Tsavo Highway3:36Twitch54
The Storm6:21-32
The Ark12:14Twitch38
The Covenant11:58Twitch35
Halo 3 on Legendary163 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game---
Sierra 1179:56-13
Crows Nest12:27Twitch26
Tsavo Highway4:31Twitch28
The Storm10:36Twitch9
The Ark---
The Covenant---
Halo 3: ODST on Easy1655 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:10:18Twitch907
Prepare to Drop1:50-91
Tayari Plaza1:57-63
Uplift Reserve2:20YouTube81
Kizingo Blvd.3:28YouTube85
ONI Alpha Site8:34-79
NMPD HQ5:29YouTube97
Kikowani Station4:01-77
Data Hive10:59Twitch88
Coastal Highway18:03Twitch87
Halo 3: ODST on Legendary826 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:44:11Twitch312
Prepare to Drop1:56Twitch77
Tayari Plaza2:09YouTube68
Uplift Reserve2:21YouTube78
Kizingo Blvd.5:21Twitch19
ONI Alpha Site10:25Twitch44
NMPD HQ5:43Twitch93
Kikowani Station4:52Twitch38
Data Hive15:37Twitch35
Coastal Highway20:31Twitch62

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