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Jasperwebb's Run Times:
Halo 2 on Easy554 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:51:27YouTube213
Cairo Station5:26-19
The Arbiter4:50-20
The Oracle14:15-35
Delta Halo4:00YouTube20
Sacred Icon9:53YouTube28
Quarantine Zone10:23-26
High Charity5:43-12
The Great Journey8:42-26
Halo 2 MCC on Easy574 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game---
Cairo Station - MCC5:09-48
Outskirts - MCC4:24-66
Metropolis - MCC4:34-44
The Arbiter - MCC4:02-52
Oracle - MCC14:30-30
Delta Halo - MCC5:02-9
Regret - MCC12:50-28
Sacred Icon - MCC9:20-29
Quarantine Zone - MCC8:12-67
Gravemind - MCC11:27-34
Uprising - MCC2:05-60
High Charity - MCC4:15-79
The Great Journey - MCC8:27-28
Halo 3: ODST on Easy160 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game---
Prepare to Drop1:59YouTube64
Tayari Plaza2:03YouTube51
Uplift Reserve2:40YouTube45
Kizingo Blvd.---
ONI Alpha Site---
Kikowani Station---
Data Hive---
Coastal Highway---

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