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  • Gamertag: J 0mega
  • Total Points: 1132
J_0mega's Run Times:
Halo 2 on Easy707 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game1:41:11-298
Cairo Station5:26-19
The Arbiter4:30-25
The Oracle13:17-47
Delta Halo3:45-25
Sacred Icon9:03-38
Quarantine Zone8:55-46
High Charity4:38-24
The Great Journey8:13-32
Halo 2 MCC on Easy425 points
Level Personal Best Video Points
Full Game---
Cairo Station - MCC5:19-42
Outskirts - MCC4:30-60
Metropolis - MCC5:09-28
The Arbiter - MCC5:05-22
Oracle - MCC14:07-33
Delta Halo - MCC3:37-25
Regret - MCC12:55-27
Sacred Icon - MCC8:51-36
Quarantine Zone - MCC9:14-41
Gravemind - MCC12:00-28
Uprising - MCC3:47-8
High Charity - MCC4:37-55
The Great Journey - MCC9:24-20

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